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Hormone Implant For Menopausal Women

By: Jo Johnson - Updated: 16 Oct 2016 | comments*Discuss
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The symptoms of the menopause can be very problematic for many women and finding something to ease these symptoms can be a great relief.There are many ways that might help a woman cope with the menopause and using hormone implant is one such method.

What Is The Hormone Implant?

The hormone implant is a tiny device, often smaller than a matchstick that is inserted just under the skin layers.The device is impregnated with slow releasing hormones that are absorbed into the body and work in a number of ways.They are often given as a contraceptive method but can also be given to women during the menopausal years, especially those suffering with problematic symptoms.

The implant can be inserted by either a doctor or a nurse and is carried out using a small amount of local anaesthetic which will numb the superficial skin layer so that the procedure is not painful.The most common insertion site is the upper arm, usually on the least dominant side, for example a right-handed person would usually received the implant in their left arm and vice-versa, though it can be given to the lower abdomen, the thigh or buttock.

How Might It Help With Symptoms Of the Menopause?

Hormone replacement therapy is not a new concept but has been the subject of a lot of controversy in recent years. The hormone implant however is still commonly used to treat menopausal women and ease the symptoms.

The release of the hormones contained in the implant, are known to help prevent the incidence of osteoporosis which is common after the menopause. This occurs as the oestrogen levels drop which incidentally affect the bone density and calcium absorption rates leaving the skeleton at risk of fracture or weakness.

The implant is thought to be a better way of administering hormone replacement therapy as it releases a slow continuous stream of hormones as opposed to oral administration which may be absorbed at different rates every day.It can help with those suffering from loss of libido, lack of energy and also with low or changeable mood.

Can It Be Offered To Everyone?

Unfortunately it cannot be offered routinely for all menopausal as it can prove to be dangerous in some circumstances.It may be possible for a woman to mistake her symptoms of the menopause with pregnancy so you may be asked for clarification that you are definitely not pregnant before starting the therapy.

It is also not to be used in those with a history of high blood pressure, liver disease, previous or current cancers or tumours of the uterus or ovaries and those who have experienced abnormal bleeding and have not had an official and exact diagnosis for this.

The hormone implant continues to be recognised as a very good way of receiving hormone replacement therapy, however with continuing research, experts are becoming more reserved with hormone replacement therapy in general so not all women will automatically be prescribed a hormone therapy implant or oral.

Always discuss all available options with your doctor and make sure you understand the risks associated with each kind of therapy in order to make an informed decision about your medications.

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I am a south african woman looking to have this done. How much would this cost . I am willing to travel to have this procedure. How often does it need to be done.
Maysh - 25-Mar-15 @ 2:54 PM
Thank you for sharing this article. Also, thank you for sharing what is the main purpose of having hormone implant especially for those menopausal women.
natural remedies for - 26-Sep-14 @ 3:25 AM
@kazza. It may help a bit with the mood swings, flushes etc but you're best asking the doctor as I don't know the reason for your hysterectomy and the articles says it's no good if you've had cancer etc.
tilly may - 19-Sep-14 @ 10:18 AM
I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago but left with one ovary im going thro the menopause I've tried various methods for my symptoms which are hot flushes day and night,, moody ,, can't sleep,, feel depressed,, just feel like I can't be bothered to do anything and lack of libido,, do you think the implant will work for me
kazza - 18-Sep-14 @ 8:23 AM
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