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Women & Depression

By: Jo Johnson - Updated: 25 May 2016 | comments*Discuss
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Experts have found that women are more likely than men to suffer from depression at some time in their lives. The reasons for this are varied and continue to be explored.It seems that this figure is likely to continue to rise as women find they are multitasking more than ever.

Juggling work, family, pregnancy, finances, the home and health issues can be very demanding and women tend to take on many projects or problems at the same time; this can be both physically and emotionally draining after a time, though depression can occur with or without these pressures.

Introduction To Depression?

Depression is an illness that can occur at any time to any person. It can affect physical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual health and well-being.It is not a sign of failure or an inability to cope or a weakness, it is a true illness that usually needs medical and/or psychological treatment.There are different types of depression, which act on individual people in different ways.

What Causes Depression?

Depression can be caused by a number of factors. It may be that a major life event has resulted in a persistent state of upset, unbalance and negativity, it might be that the chemicals in the brain have become unbalanced which has been found to be related to fluctuating hormone levels which is typical during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and the menopause.The use of substances such as alcohol and some addictive drugs is also thought to play a role is the occurrence of depression.

Symptoms of Depression

There are a vast amount of symptoms of depression ranging from a low mood, negative thoughts, irritability, a lack of interest and motivation, displaying uncharacteristic behaviours, loss of memory, crying for little or no reason, loss of libido, disturbed sleeping pattern and lack of concentration to name a few.

Why Are Women More Susceptible To Depression Than Men?

Doctors now believe that there is a very strong link between depression and hormonal balance. These periods include adolescence, during their menstrual cycle, whilst pregnant and in the period after pregnancy and the menopause are all times when the hormonal balance can be altered.

It is documented that the week before a menstrual bleed is the most likely time during the cycle when depression can arise, during the early stages of menopause and during puberty.It has also been found that those who had traumatic childhoods were also more susceptible to depression and as there are more women than men in this category this puts females more at risk.

Post-Natal Depression

The most common form of depression in women is in the time following the birth of a child. This is called post-natal depression or postpartum depression.This term is not given to those who feel sad or down in the few days following the birth, but to those who display some of the symptoms later on.

Not only does having a baby play havoc with your hormones, but it is a life changing event and suddenly being responsible for another human being and having a major shift in priorities can be over whelming. This can be so much so that strong negative feelings can arise not only concerning the sufferer but sometimes inflicted on the new baby too.This can be a very serious condition and needs medical treatment before it deteriorates too far.

The reasons why women suffer from depression more than men are wide and varied and often due to their personal circumstances as well as physical factors. If you are feeling so low that you are thinking of harming yourself or others or are not feeling able to take care of yourself or your dependents, it is very important to seek advice and ask for help if needed.

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I don't even know when l have periods because it just comes on all a sudden.x why do women have to have periods X Men get away with anythink,then when lm on lm always Flooding l been to doctors X they Don't do Nothink at all when lm Sick to death of them X the NHS,l do get mood swings when lm on when should be before starting Not in the Middle,
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why am moody and keep biteing peoples heads off
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hi i suffer from really bad moods the week before my period , one day im an emotional wreck the next im a firery mad woman !!!!!! can any one suggest anything that may help? ive been to my doctor several times re this and im not getting anywhere :(
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